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The Davis Cup has suffered a big blow as Roger Federer who is widely regarded as the greatest tennis player of all time quit the Davis Cup. This is one of the most significant moments for the Davis cup after considerable reforms have been made to us thanks to the new and improved consortium which took over the Davis Cup. This consortium quite noticeably is being led by the brilliant football defender Pique. Source Before this consortium was formed and handed power, the Davis cup appeared to be far different from what it is now. For one thing, the tournament dates are different. Before the consortium was formed, the Davis cup was usually held and divided across many times in a year. This proved to be essential to not having the players feel fatigued at playing the tournament at once. However, after the consortium was formed, the dates of the competition were changed from being spread across many days and months the new consortium fixes the competition late into the season. Not only does this result in fatigue and exhaustion, but it also can extend the season for most of the tennis athletes around. Source This is one of the primary reasons for Federer backing out of the competition. He explained that he really does not feel that the new structure of the competition would suit him well. He believes that this new stricture would be for a new generation of tennis players who would already be used to this and will be able to condition their body appropriately. This would have cone as a significant blow for them for who is behind the consortium. As if this was not already enough damage to the Davis Cup, Novak is also thinking about pulling out. This can be seen in the way he answers questions which are related to it after the Shanghai Masters. Novak stated that he was unsure as to whether he would be participating in the events yet. His reason why are not all that different from those on Federer. He explains that one of his primary goals is the schedule. He admits that as a player, the Davis Cup has been placed at the worst possible time to achieve. Source He, however, expressed his hope that with time a lot of people would sit down to adequately discuss to discuss the various tournament and fix the problem. He also expresses his hopes that one day the whole tennis association would come together to create a world cup where different tennis players can have a better place to hone your skills. The schedule for the event is so sad since most tennis players would reject all attempts to make them compete during November. It would merely be invading in their time Another player who also decided to take a walk as this was announced is a 21-year-old named Alexander Zverve which announced he would play no part as a participant.

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