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Karen Khachanov has taken over the title of the year's Masters last year.
source Karen Khachanov has taken over the title of the year's Masters last year. The current Russian number two Novak Jokovych has beaten his first title, 7-5, 6-4 in a straight set. However, the Paris Masters final was debated in a serious interview with former Paris Masters President Jean-Franci Chou. To win Roger Federer, the bounce of the Paris court was reduced, it was arranged to speed up. source Kaho himself was also a tennis player. In 2007 he became the President of Paris Masters. After getting the job, his goal was to take the initiative of bringing his favorite player Roger Federer to his own tournament. Because he did not come to play in Paris for the past three years. After playing the first Paris Masters in 2000, he has played for 4 years. But Federer was absent for three years from 2004 to 2006. source "I contacted Roger Federer's team, why did not he come to play? They said that he (Federer) did not like this Surface. The condition of the carpet is not in his play. They asked me to make Surfaces like Vienna. I made everything exactly like Surface Miami or Indian Wells. And Federer started playing regularly since next year. 'We changed the Surface as usual. In 2010 our Surface became the world's fastest surface. Federer has more choices than this Surface Nadal. Next year, we made hard work hard for big servers. Before finishing my job, I wanted to give Federer a title. And finally, Federer was able to win the title. There are three types of courts in tennis. Clay (clay), grass (grass) and hard three types of courts are completely different. When the ball comes to the ground court, you get the advantage of using muscle power (Nadal, Borg). On the other hand, grass clutter benefits get advantage of the classic tennis players (Federer, Sampras). And Big Servers at Hard Court (Djokovic, Connors). However, hard court is a mixed type because all types of players can dominate. Depending on the Surface. If the Surface Slow becomes a problem for classic tennis and big servers, then the game will be a problem for Federers. That's why only a Grand Slam Federer-Jokovichi on the clay court. Needless to say, in the 2011 Paris Masters, Joe Wilfred Tsonga won the title in straight sets, winning the title of Paradise only in Paris. Now it is seen that the officials of Paris did not have to reduce!