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ARUNA QUADRI: started the New Year at the top of the African raking but judging from what he achieved last year, breaking to the top 20 in the world he is now ranked number 26 despite that fact that he did his sport in African, he did win the ITTF African open in Mauritius but toward the last part of the year, it look like he ended in a pretty low side but in this year 2019, I believe he can start well from this point, am very optimistic that Aruna Quadri can get something this year, I mean his ranking is very important to him because of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic that is coming. Now looking at his performance last year, I must say that he did not do very badly, beginning from it at the common wealth he got a silver medal and in the singles event and then he took out England and even some of the big countries in table tennis but coming back to his ranking, it not being a very good one dropping three places from 23 to 26 in the international table tennis federations ranking and for the fact that he also when to the world cup and get knockout in the round of 32 which means that could have counted against him but one thing very good about Aruna Quadri is that he is the first ever African to get into the world Olympic quarter final, he still try his best in the world of tennis. OMAR ASSAR: has also moved from 53 to 47 in the world International Table Tennis Federations Ranking and also end 2018 as the number 2 in the African Continent being suspended by the Egyptian’s Table Tennis Federation over his offensive comments he made about Egypt after his match against Turkey’s player at the Mediterranean game in Spain for the past one year no action, yet he is still in contention, I really hope he get back. Everyone one getting prepare for the first Grand slam of the year and it is 7 days to the Australia Open, already some result are already coming in, the like of Kie Nishikori take is first tittle in nearly 3 years he has been battling with his injury, for the last two years but he took out Daniil Medvedev at the BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL that was a nice one from him, last year he had couple of auto come back, the like of Rogers Federer were in his way, the like of Novak Djokovic were in his way or the Brisbane International under his back already as he head into the big guns at Melbourne pack, it a big one for him and one of the big guns we might be seeing in 2019. Very happy for Kei Nishikori emerging from that injury. I got a sorry of Novak Djokovic who won two Grand Slams last year after a problem carrier injury. Now looking at Kei Nishikori after US open2014, where he got to the finals, he has not reallyn fired up again but let just hope this one will spur him up as the Australia Open begin in few days. THANKS FOR READING MY POST.

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