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Has Serena lost out on the claim for the world tennis throne ?
After the scandalous womens final at U.S. Open last Saturday, Serena Williams not only lost her reputation, but also her manners and refinement.I talk not only as a spectator, but as a lifelong tennis player, Serena-fan and tennis coach. She abused the US Open umpire of being sexist, but in reality she has lost her own dignity as a true professional tennis player. Serena Wiliams acted so egoisticly and deserved to lose the match with her disrespectful raging attitude towards tennis regulations and the umpire, but most of all through upsetting her 20 year old opponent, who played incredible, acted bravely and stayed calm through Williams' rage on the court.Naomi Osaka crushed Serena 6-2 in the first set and had swept her off the court in the MIami tournament before this final. So, Serena was already off balance in the second set before the incident with the umpire, but sensed she was losing in advance of the warning triggered by illegal coaching from the sidelines.It's impossible to say if her French coach and husband gave Serena a piece of advice or not. She smashed her racket on the court a little bit later. Serena and everybody knows that's illegal, so she should have accepted the warning and the game penalty, too. Serena truely knows the rules of tennis after all these years. Williams should have stopped brawling and concentrated on tennis. Maybe she used the referee as a scapegoat being intimidated before her home crowd?Serena should have been professional and cool enough to brush the incident with the umpire off. Others, from the privileged tennis elite like Federer, Nadal, Sharapova and Kerber would have done that in the same situation. Calling the referee sexist is a real cheap excuse and a true lie in this case.Williams should have finished the match losing in style and given her opponent respect ON the court(not only after the match). After all, Naomi was the secure hitter, had more than twice as many winning games and better strokes! She gave Serena zero opportunity to win tthe US Open from the very beginning. Luckily, it's a fresh change of air on the stage of women's professional elite tennis, and Naomi is right up there, clearing the skies for a new generation of strong tennis girls emerging.I am no longer a fan of Serena Williams, but have opened my eyes and heart for a new, brilliant and charming ace in the world of women's top tennis. #
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