Tennis / wimbledon

Revolutions to change the face of tennis sport will be implemented this season (2019)
The Association of Professional Tennis Players (ATP) had tested the new rule changes in tennis in the ATP NextGen tournament in Milan. 1) Tennis Player - Coach Dialogue At the determined moments of the match, players and coaches will be able to establish dialogue but the ban of coaches on the court will continue. This change is intended to increase the excitement of TV broadcasts. 2) Medical break (MB) The players who are standing in every injury of the players and intervened by the doctors will be able to use this right only once. The player who has been injured will have to withdraw from the match or continue the injury. 3) Let rule (Net) The service was repeated by the referee if the ball from the service contacted the net. Now this is changing. Let the rule be removed. The game is intended to be more unknown and prankful. 4) Shot clock (25 Seconds) To avoid long waiting periods between points, players will have to use the service within 25 seconds of the previous round. The player will have to discard the other service after 25 seconds of receiving the points and the game will accelerate. 5) Short warm-up (Training) The warm up time used before the match is shortened. Both players are scheduled to start the match five minutes after they leave the court. 6) 4 sets of games (6 Out of 4 In) This sport, played with sets ending in 6 games, will now be played on 4 sets of games. Tie-break will be played if the score in the set game is 3-3. Three sets will win the match. 7) Electronic referee There will only be one chairman on the field, and all the referees except him will no longer be. In the balls falling on the line, the electronic system will give 100% accuracy. With these changes to be implemented in 2019, the intended driving pleasure and athlete protection decisions will affect the interest in this sport.