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Wimbledon Boss Cautions Other Tennis Players On Etiquette On The Field
Yesterday, the Wimbledon boss issued a caution to players, who spoke badly or gestured in a demeaning manner to towel boys and girls on the field because they need a towel. Source According to the Wimbledon Chief, there is a need for greater respect from tennis players, no matter where they are ranked because of the behavior of a tennis player, and the World number 28, Fernando Verdasco's behavior on the field during a match in September. The frustrated Verdasco was seen gesturing violently to the towel boy to hurry up with the towel since he felt that there was some delay. This happened in between points. The video clip of the incidence permeated the corners of the internet as people have continuously commented negatively with the derision about the incidence. The Wimbledon chief doesn't agree with what the Number 28 was seen doing in the video, and has asked that players show respect to everyone working in the field. No matter how frustrated, sweaty or annoyed that you may click on the ground, it is essential that you treat that ball boy or girl with respect. This incidence occurred in September's Shenzhen Open. The call by the Wimbledon boss was not made solely to Verdasco, after his angry gesture at the ball boy, but to every player that will rock the field anytime in the future. Source 'Mutual respect is what every player should have both on the field and off the field.' The Wimbledon boss had said. He wasn't the only one that spoke poorly of the happenings on the court that day and the video clip that circulated concerning the matter at hand. The All England Club's media and commercial director had similar things to say. Mick Desmond significantly condemned it and stated that he wouldn't be scared of fining players heavily if that would stop them from treating ball boys and girls with disdain. To him, it is something that has been happening for a long while, and it should be condemned because everyone working in the field is there to make the game more comfortable for you and your competitor. 'You and your competitor may be the stars of the field, but every other person working on the field is there to make the game easier for you. Respect them.' According to Mick Desmond, tennis has etiquette, and this includes the ball girls and boys participating in Wimbledon. 'They are volunteers. You see those ball girls and boys running around the field are volunteers. We do not pay them. They are volunteering to make your game easier. Respect them.' Mick Desmond spoke at great length on this matter. Mick went on to suggest that he felt towel rails should be incorporated, but he doubts it would easily be allowed on the field. Judy Murray, a great British tennis coach, felt that to enforce respect on the field, the rules should be changed. He made this known after watching the footage on the incidence between Verdasco and the towel boy. He felt the behavior was rude and went on to say that mutual respect was needed for everyone that works on the field, whether the person was a towel boy or a cleaner. The coach went on to say that he was sure that the host of Wimbledon, All England Club, would talk to WTA- host of women's tour- and ATP, host of men's tour on the incident.