We had the chance to see in the first seven games how good team Serbia can be. Today we had a chance to see how bad they can play… 25-16, 25-12, 25-20.

Yes, Netherlands has fantastic volleyball school, never easy to play with them, but this was… wait while Betman finds a word in a dictionary… hmm… Bizarre? Strange? Or just normal at such long competitions? Now Serbian angels were hard landed from their clouds of 22 sets won in a row with a six sets lost in a row. Netherlands held a lesson in volleyball, which may be very helpful if there is an ability to learn. Actually, the real tournament will start in two days!

A block too late. Source: FIVB

Can’t give you the best today in Serbian team, because there were none. Service receive was nothing short of atrocious, attack was to anemic to mention, block was weaker shade of pale, and in the field there was no fighting spirit at all. But, enough with compliments, let’s see some stats:

Source: Betman’s… wait, where are the stats? Is that it? Can’t be.

OK, let’s forget this and see how we can move to Yokohama. Betman knows it’s just one step in a long walk to the title.

Don’t worry girls, we’re with you, you are our Champions!

Pool E:

Japan—Serbia 3:1
Serbia—Germany 3:0
Serbia—Mexico 3:0

Reports and Gallery from the first round:

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Pool D:

Serbia—Puerto Rico 3:0
Serbia—Kazakhstan 3:0
Serbia—Brazil 3:0
Serbia—Kenya 3:0
Serbia—Dominican Republic 3:0