Betman is in serious trouble now — after another max victory against Germany (25-14, 25-20, 25-20), the original compliments are very low on stock. They are simply too good. Betman will have to repeat the most usual ones for Serbian team, like “magnificent”, “spectacular”, “fantastic”, “wonderful”, “marvelous”, or… could you suggest some more?

Germany yesterday made a great comeback crushing Brazil after a thrilling five setter. Today they did not have enough energy. First set they roll over to Serbian side at 14, in the second they managed to 20, and they have shown a sign of life in the third, where they had a slight advantage at both TO’s. But at the end it was again — 20.

Boskovic (18) breaks German triple block. Source: FIVB

Serbia has bombed German zones from all sides. Bošković (18) and Mihajlović (9) made 17 and 15 points respectively from the flanks, and Rašić (16) made another 13 from the middle, and with fantastic (You see? I told you there would be repetitions) 4 block in defense.

Attacking trio: Rašić (16), Boskovic (18) and Mihajlović (9). Source: FIVB

Middle blocker Stefana Veljković (11) added 7 points with consistently best percentage of spike points in Serbian team. Here is full stats of Serbian team for this game:

Source: Betman’s incredible precision and World renowed modesty.

This time they didn’t have to hunt for the Volley-Boo bear — ’cause everyone wants a photo with women in red!

Source: FIVB

Next match on Wednesday, October 10, 19:20 local and 12:20 CET, will be a special one — with the host of the World Championship, Japan. Finally a team that could put some resistance ;)

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