Warming up at Nagoya for the Serbian team with Mexico. Another maximum victory (25-19, 25-17, 25-15) and all the players in the game…

Mexico fought over to the second round with the youngest team, practically kindergarten — 21 year on average. Their reach is still not very high, and who would better use a short block than tall Serbian attackers — Tijana Bošković (11 points), Brankica Mihajlović (10 points), Jovana Stevanović (10 points) and Stefana Veljković (7 points). Stevanović did the best job in defense with 3 blocks.

Stevanović spikes. Source: FIVB

Again, the whole team had a chance to play, so they should be fresh for the next match. Here are usual stats:

Source: Betman’s tragic seriousness and… wait, what was it again?

So far they beat all the opponents from the surrounding continents. Tomorrow at an early hour (10:40 local) 3:40 CET they will take on the first European opponent — Germany, who stunned Brazil in a thrilling five-setter. In preparations for that match, they caught the Volley-Boo bear! Be careful with the beast, beauties!

Team Serbia. Source: FIVB

Reports and Gallery from the first round:

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Pool D:

Serbia—Puerto Rico 3:0
Serbia—Kazakhstan 3:0
Serbia—Brazil 3:0
Serbia—Kenya 3:0
Serbia—Dominican Republic 3:0