If you are young and keen on professional sports, then Betman has an advice for you: Don’t!

Don’t make a sports your profession. It’s too hard and too damaging for body and soul. Rarely very successful professional athletes has a happy life… or any life at all. Don’t make me putting up a list.

Don’t dream about the sports glory. Sooner or later it will become torture. You won’t be able to leave it, because you won’t know to do anything else. And whatever you get, you’ll have to return twice: In health and finance…

Instead, make YOUR sports fun. Make it a child’s play.

Look at these two veterans enjoying volleyball in the water!

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If you want to make it even more fun, find for a partner a younger person of the opposite sex. Trust me, you will be much happier.

Let others run until they got blue in the face. Be a philosopher and enjoy life.

Betman loves you all. 😊