Yesterday we got a semifinals’ pairs, and today we have a schedule for the two semifinal games. We have three teams from Europe and China…

Well, if you are in the EU time zone, prepare for the early awakening…

19.10.18 13:40 (LOCAL), 6:40 CET Serbia—Netherlands
19.10.18 16:10 (LOCAL), 9:10 CET China—Italy

But it really shouldn’t be hard to get up early and watch these beauties…

Silvija Popović (17), Bjanka Buša (1), Bojana Živković (4), Tijana Malešević (6) and Brankica Mihajlović (9) of Serbia. Source: FIVB
Serbia and Italy, ready for the match. Source: FIVB
Captains shake hands before the match. Source: FIVB
Jovana Stevanovic (15) in action. Source: FIVB
Prepared for celebration. Source: FIVB

Now, Betman lives of the decentralized platforms that pay for quality contents — you know, Scorum, Steemit, Steepshot, Weku… — have no boss and is free to choose time to sleep and time to wake up. You, who are still corporate slaves forced to kiss bosses buttocks, will have to show them a finger (at least for this Friday), and go to sleep earlier than usual.

Even good sleep demands a certain level of preparations…

Pool G:
Post-Match: Serbia—Italy 3:1
VWWCh Japan 2018: Semifinals!
Serbia—Japan 3:0

Reports and Gallery from the second round:
VWWCh Japan 2018: Serbia — Women in Red
VWWCh Japan 2018: Third Round

Pool E:
Netherlands—Serbia 3:0
Japan—Serbia 3:1
Serbia—Germany 3:0
Serbia—Mexico 3:0

Reports and Gallery from the first round:
VWWCh Japan 2018: Serbia — Hamamatsu Gallery
VWWCh Japan 2018: Second Round

Pool D:
Serbia—Puerto Rico 3:0
Serbia—Kazakhstan 3:0
Serbia—Brazil 3:0
Serbia—Kenya 3:0
Serbia—Dominican Republic 3:0