For all of you who were for the first time went astray to the Betman’s blog, that acronym VWWCh is NOT a toilet in a Volkswagen — it stands for Volleyball Women’s World Championship, the most beautiful competition you will ever find. Forget the dabblers in ridiculous cloths at the fashion shows. The real beauties are now in Japan…

Team Serbia. Source: FIVB

We have a complete group composition and schedule for the second round of the competition:

Pool E — Nagoya

Source: FIVB

Serbian Team Schedule:

07.10.18 10:40 (LOCAL), 3:40 CET Serbia—Mexico
08.10.18 10:40 (LOCAL), 3:40 CET Serbia—Germany
09.10.18 Desperately Empty Day
10.10.18 19:20 (LOCAL), 12:20 CET Serbia—Japan
11.10.18 16:10 (LOCAL), 9:10 CET Serbia—Netherlands

Pool F — Osaka

Source: FIVB

Three teams from each pool go to quaterfinals.

Get ready for the second round: Do you have stockpiled tomato juice, beer, chips, chickpeas and crackers? Pizza, anyone?

Reports from the first round:

Post-Match: Serbia—Puerto Rico 3:0

Post-Match: Serbia—Kazakhstan 3:0

Post-Match: Serbia—Brazil 3:0

Post-Match: Serbia—Kenya 3:0

Post-Match: Serbia—Dominican Republic 3:0