Tomorrow it starts… Six of the best teams will decide on who will be fighting over some colorful pieces of fake metal. Forget about those nonsense. Focus. Pay attention to beauty…

Team Serbia with escort kids. Source: FIVB
Brankica Mihajlović (9) enters the match court. Source: FIVB
That Pink Panther moment :) Source: FIVB
Women in red celebrate points won. Source: FIVB
Stefana Veljković (11) spikes. Source: FIVB
Tijana Bošković (18) prepares the attack with her teammates. Source: FIVB
Ana Bjelica (13) spikes against Japan. Source: FIVB
Bjanka Buša (1) in action. Source: FIVB
Looks like that Japan photographer really likes Bjanka Buša (1)… Source: FIVB
Tijana Bošković (18) and Brankica Mihajlović (9) celebrates after scoring a point. Source: FIVB
Wing spiker Tijana Malešević (6) recieves. Source: FIVB
Jovana Stevanović (15) celebrates a point won. Source: FIVB
Maja Ognjenović (10) sets. Source: FIVB
Milena Rašić (16) of Serbia spikes. Source: FIVB
Milena Rašić (16) spikes against Japan. Source: FIVB
Milena Rašić (16) celebrates a point won. Source: FIVB
Team Serbia celebrate after their victory. Source: FIVB
Third round, here we come! Source: FIVB
Nippon Gaishi Hall Nagoya. C’mon, open up that gates! Source: FIVB

Let’s see that smiles in the match!

Reports and Gallery from the second round:

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Pool E:

Netherlands—Serbia 3:0

Japan—Serbia 3:1

Serbia—Germany 3:0

Serbia—Mexico 3:0

Reports and Gallery from the first round:

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VWWCh Japan 2018: Second Round

Pool D:

Serbia—Puerto Rico 3:0

Serbia—Kazakhstan 3:0

Serbia—Brazil 3:0

Serbia—Kenya 3:0

Serbia—Dominican Republic 3:0