1.Be surprised how the disposition in a volleyball match of the same teams can change in 4 days

The main surprise of the first two rounds was the failure of the French team to get to the final six. Before the last game day they had chances, it was necessary to wait for the defeat of the Poles from the Serbs, the latter by that time have already solved the issue with the exit to the next stage. The Serbs decided not to save Ngapet and Co, losing in straight sets to the needy Poles. On Thursday, the Poles and Serbs will come together again: no one will say now what the result will be. One thing is clear: it will be much hotter on the court than last Sunday.

2. Become a witness of how the current world champion will resign

The Poles started their way in the tournament with five wins in a row, but in the second round troubles began: the defeats from the Argentines and the French put them on the edge of the abyss. They were saved by mentioned above match against unmotivated Serbs; head coach Vital Heynen was very pleased with the quality of the game, but it's not time for the euphoria. The Poles have a very balanced roster, but the level of the majority's play is clearly below the world level. Heynen's teams are always distinguished by a special team cohesion, but there is no certainty that it alone will allow to break the resistance of other 5 top teams.

3. See how hot Tiffosi will support their team and Zaitsev will continue to wind them up

The hosts of the World Cup Italians, according to word of mouth, specially created the easiest possible group in the Final Six. It is unlikely that we will ever learn the truth, one thing is certain: the Italians who come to Pala Alpiter to support their favourites will be furious. The current Italian team will be very thankful for this - they may only be compared to Serbs in the influence of encouragement on their style of play. Zaitsev, after successful attacks, begins to wind up himself, to do the same thing with partners and fans, and very often this results in the fact that Italy becomes invincible.

4. Watch the epic battle of the three best teams of their continents

Group I consists of three best teams in both Americas and Europe. All three teams played in the semifinals of the last Olympic Games in Rio. Brazil is the current Olympic champion, Russia is the holder of the League of Nations, the United States is the only team that has not yet suffered a single defeat in this championship and is considered the main contender for victory in it after two stages. Is it worth to list the titles and merits of these three teams and their volleyball players and coaches? Encounters are expected to become legendary!

5. Make sure it's impossible to stop Musersky again

Dmitry Musersky returned to the Russian national team after two years of healing all the injuries and rest. The Russian coaches in the first two stages were rather careful with the tallest player of our team: they gave him a lot of time in matches with the USA, Serbia and Italy, allowing to hold one set in meetings with less status opponents. The match with Italy in the second group stage showed that Dmitry is ready to lead the team behind him; Dmitry not only was good in the center of the net as a central blocker, but also he terrorized the opponent's reception with a powerful power serve as in his best years.

Musersky vs Lucas, Zaytsev vs Atanasievic, Anderson vs Mikhailov, Bruno vs Christenson. And these are the battles of only the first three game days out of five. A huge number of volleyball monsters at Pala Alpitur in Turin.