It's a K.o. that does not hurt, already blues in Turin.

Blengini's team gives in to the tie break, but despite this they qualify as before in the group and go to the Final Six

Even before taking to the field, Italy already knows that it is at the final six. The good news comes thanks to the United States, which by winning the first two sets against Bulgaria, will prevent Bulgarians from reaching Italy in the standings, so in the worst case it will be one of the two best second. In addition, the two sets won by the Azzurri against Russia already give him the certainty of the first place in the group, regardless of the last game with the Netherlands.

So wait more for Monday in which there will be the draws, which for the next uninfluent contest with the Dutch. Two groups of three teams will be formed, leading to the next Final Four.


Italy starts well and takes the lead, goes on until the first time out on the score of 8-3. Lanza slips a few shots of his, but the Russians do not give up and draw closer to the blue -2. Final favorable with Giannelli that inspires power stations and Mazzone that marks the point that closes the speech.


The second set starts in the name of balance, which is then broken by the Russians who with Mikhaylov begin to hurt both in batting and in attack. Pure Volkov and Kliuka find the right passages and Italy struggles to find the countermeasures.

The blues seem nervous and this leads to a few mistakes too far. Russia escapes, then an attempt to return to Italy that is nullified by the last decisive point of Mikhailov


The Russian physicality puts the hosts in trouble, Giannelli can not distribute the game, Russia accelerates and goes on 5-10. The Azzurri continue to make mistakes too hard, but they manage to reassemble and reopen the games, but the final smiles at the guests


Italy starts off on the right foot, Zaytsev fights against the Russian wall as a lion. Mikhaylov starts to miss some ball and it's good news for Blengini. Zaytsev drags, Russia does not give up, but thanks to a wrong joke of the Russians you go to the tie break.


The balance is broken with the slightest advantage in favor of Russia that closes the speech thanks to the usual Mikhaylov.