Volleyball, World Cup, semi-final: Serbia-Netherlands 3-1

The Olympic silver team arrives at the first final round but Sloetjes and companions have put in difficulty at the Boskovic service and companions

SERBIA-NETHERLANDS 3-1 (25-22, 26-28, 25-19, 25-23) - As a year ago in the final of the European Championship in Baku, Serbia overwhelmed the Netherlands and won its first World Cup final. Serbia begins with the "usual pattern" that relies heavily on the Boskovic dunks. The Netherlands, as his coach had already said on the eve, understands that to put in crisis the game of Terzic's team must focus a lot on the service (he had already won in the group, but when there was no Boskovic), the scheme does not work at best because the Dutch are too bad at the service and Serbia flies away with some ease.

CHANGE - In the second set you play in photocopy: but when the Netherlands seems about to collapse there is a surge. Enter the central Koolhaaas that takes the place of Lohuis, some jumps in jump float do damage on Busa and Holland revives. It's the best moment of the match with the teams that make spectacular plays (some big Sloetjes balls that support the Dutch attack). The orange arrived first in the set-ball, but Serbia still struggled with Boskovic who also got the chance to go straight to 2-0. But there is still the surge of pride of the Netherlands (with many players who have passed in our league) to close and draw the score. Serbia is under a couple of points, the Dutch defense holds Boskovic and Mihailovic, while Rasic's wall rises (from this fundamental the Netherlands got too little). And Serbia flies away. The Netherlands collapses, even wrong in the second line sending the distribution of Laura Dijkema in difficulty. In the fourth set there is almost no more game because the girls of Terzic maintain control of the game and do not make more mistakes. Serbia are still in the final one year after their success in the European Championship and two from the defeat against China in the Rio de Janeriro final. He is preparing for tomorrow night's race at 12.40 (Italian), while the Dutch will be in the field for the bronze at 10.20 Italian.