The payout for last week's Freaky Friday blog was $172.53 meaning that our winning entry for this week will receive 50% of that amount rounded up, which comes to 87 SCR.

This Weeks Prize Award Will Be 87 SCR!

How about a little bit of women's volleyball for a change of pace this week. Let's see who can spike the ball for a winning story!

The object of this game is to look at the photo above from a freaky sporting event and then tell a story about the event in your own words as if you were at the scene when it happened.

You can become an observer

You can become one of the participants in the event

You can be a coach

You can be a referee

You can be a newscaster

You can even imagine or dream that you are there

Just tell what happened from your vantage point as if you were right there watching when it happened, or from the viewpoint of it happening to you. Make it weird, make it funny, or make it dramatic. In fact, just have fun and tell the story from what you were thinking when you saw the photo, don't worry about the facts, just make it up as you go.

  1. Title your blog "On Freaky Friday I _____________" fill in the blank with something to make your story unique. Post the video or photo from this contest along with a link back to this blog and a short explanation so that the readers will know what you are writing about.
  2. The story must be 400 words long or longer about the events and scenes in the video or photo above.
  3. The story must be your own work, quotes may be used with credits given but the words in a quote do not count toward the word total. Make sure that you also give credits for any photos used in your story.
  4. Write your story in your own blog and post a link below.
  5. The contest is open to anyone, but due to bad actors and scammers on Scorum, I reserve the right to disqualify or ignore any entry from someone known to be a deceiver or who is even suspected of not being genuine. Don't worry, if you have written good blogs free from plagiarism and have not tried to scam anyone then you should have nothing to be concerned about.
  6. The prize will be 50% of the total payout from the previous contest blog plus any donations.
  7. As part of the reward for entering the contest, I will give a 50% upvote to any qualifying entry plus other upvotes whenever possible.
  8. This contest runs from Friday to Friday so all entries must be submitted by midnight Thursday for whatever time zone that you live in.

My goal for this contest is to build up as many accounts of hard working Scorumians as possible.

The winner of last weeks contest and the writer receiving the 55 SCR prize is...

Winning Entry: On Freaky Friday I went to Guana Lake

Other contest entries in no particular order

@donboy65 - This story covered the greatest distance to become this longest kayak trip in history! "On Freaky Friday, I Rowed Straight On Till Morning"

@mr-sarriball - This is the saddest Freaky Friday Story ever! "On freaky Friday I experienced Double Tragedy"

@kolumbus - In this story Kolumbus found a freaky way to overcome a phobia and received both a new car and a Harvard education to boot, what a great Freaky Friday Prize! "On a Freaky Friday, I Went to Kayak fishing with Kanye"

@austino - Here Professor Austino teaches us about a different kind of evolution! "On Freaky Friday, I Learnt Of The Freaky Evolution Of Vessels On Water"

A huge thank you to everyone who sponsors the Freaky Friday contest with your upvotes. Since 50% of these upvotes go for the prize money and 25% goes to the curator's rewards pool, that means that I will receive 25% of the upvotes for sponsoring the contest.

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