filing artemov valve Che begins mother for fifth place before the Russian team before the first point is obtained in the light of the forces there is another point that the shiny this took advantage of his changer football young and berg for mac magic your pain is not such a constant just rise look for the next boron fucking 128 other team of Iran team that continues to progress rapidly the mouth probably was not enough at this championship that for the song is weak it is for the coach it is the turkish save the match 

1 week on, let there twice is not divided the circle of European competition participants Ute is something different, and from such an experience the Iranians once again sufficed me brilliantly held the first stage took second place missing whether the national team of France having lost the fee for rice monster would be doomed to the United States team so powerful the defeat at the second stage from the Polish team that looked also agree it's quite natural to lose 32 hosts who are not shameful who will not understand the shredding. The Iranians did not have enough 23 for the national team early, but there the Frenchman had to close the USSR such a story with the Iranian team and somehow 

enormous progress th will be in the movement of the brandy seems to be the fifth or sixth lady of the racks, he sat down a particular place will be after the duel is understandable that's it. Here are some other stuff. That's Iran until 11 well. It's unlikely that there will be any progress in the advance, and someone will start letting the teams ahead lose I glorify the possible Iran may well be the world's top ten soon to be and technically itself practically please really 8-10 leading teams indiscriminate wounds already boldly enter or others here we also these rivers gila story concerns let's while the teams in dit into the 

game a little more in detail and this is one of the steel meanings and interpreter we, too, with any outcome from the author, there to move to 4 but will be left behind us and behind Italy italy 3 it even less points will not forget that the principle works here, works the principle the last time we were unable to affect the draw of some other moments. you yourself how to get out there two or three teams on the sporting principle for anything and I right now the cup of the world will be earlier in August at the mass of the next year and you can not see just another way how there will be commands from the continent by this not more than two the hour of the ridge to hold a qualifying cup of the world of 

competition there is simply no place when they are presented before so that there can be no other principles here at the World Cup I do not think that the owner closest to the Olympic Games of Brazil would become the whole image or it turns out in this deuce that probably agree to learn the level of this team is that the team let her here three consecutive defeats and underwent such a statement but on the other hand our eyes beat the Brazilian on the map dermatine 1 that's such a story in the oven automatically stayed close in one group of difficult Assyrian games last remember for suicide was struck by the future Olympic champion about women will probably all about talking in

gratitude understandable the main volleyball events today have already left here a mess you are here corrected I do not figure is not a revert ryus 10 on those who on vinca astrologer [applause] about 50 blocks accurate unfortunately disappeared this neighbor is just a brilliant indicator was 4 not all the same mother I will not part with played on the con as you will be in your hands which is somewhat rotating 3 this figure there 118 alliance 08 it's all such a peculiarity of the people's federation of volleyball patches of mixtures technically, he also after all went out for a double substitution there was one

 line, the chiefs of the blog blog can not assemble, participating in the 9 positions where very much then you want a big prize at the table three dmitry mu Or 2011 checks the strength of the host team wound hurts I used my high growth molasses suspended here selected the code of the Russian team two types are pleasant for him mom did not get access for time out and for their wards and the second number at bati pores appeared at almost every mature on the court goes some Mirzayan 2 game 2 announced himself two of the available he always asked is a good impact so diverse player in the men's club at 

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block did not manage to overtake and the attack will go cool of course the zone they were now choosing to give goals for the second time to slow down attacked the shah as there under these depended Beauty Spiridonov ki hampered here is our prepared to attack should be so comfortable featherbeds and thousands auditioned arrangement we tried to attack there must fight for the views and just continue to do so comes there