He should have been the first Iranian to play in the top French league, but they will have to wait to get the first Iranian in Ligue A, France. Ali Shafiei will not wear the colors of the Stade Poitevin, with which he agreed, but should play in Austria in Vienna. The reason for this change was explained by the president of the Poitiers club Claude Berrard at lanouvellerepublique.fr: "We received an official letter telling us that he was not allowed to leave Iran, since that country declared itself in one "State of war". He signed a contract with us. We have reasons to claim and we have requested them. We will also check that you continue to play in Iran and that you do not move to another country. Otherwise, we oppose it. This situation is damaging us because it is an excellent player who will need to be replaced ”.

In fact there have been no bombings or invasions but the tension between the United States and Iran has skyrocketed in recent weeks after attacks on two US oil tankers in the Persian Gulf and all the events related to Iran's nuclear tests. Poitiers filed a petition with the FIVB to protect its rights: "The player has signed a contract, now they tell us that he will not leave his country and that he is playing regularly in Iran. We will move forward in all possible venues to protect our rights. We are very sorry because he is a very strong player that would have been fundamental for us, "says the team president twice champion of France.

Shafiei is forced to stay in Iran because he is officially a military man and due to this difficult moment in relations with the US the Iranian government has blocked all the armed forces and police of the country.