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Sabina Altynbekova | Most Beautiful Volleyball Players in the World
Sabina Altynbekova is a female volleyball athlete born November 5, 1996 from Kazakhstan who is beautiful and has a slender body. Sabina is famous for besides being good at playing volleyball she is also classified as a beautiful woman for the size of an athlete. She is became famous when representing Kazakhstan at the Asian Junior Women's Volleyball Championship in July 2014 in Taiwan. image source Since then many netizens have agreed to call it the most beautiful volleyball player in the world. Athletes with a height of 182 cm and still active in defending the national volleyball team for his country earned the nickname 'The Beauty of Kazakhstan' from netizens. image source Sabina Altynbekova is the most eagerly awaited volleyball athlete, her beauty was viral among Indonesian netizens. With a beautiful face and a fantastic body, Sabina easily became a model. But Sabina decided to continue her career in the volleyball world. image source Sabina stressed that being a volleyball athlete has become her goal. "I want to concentrate on playing volleyball and want to be famous for it, not others" Sabina has made up her mind. "I'm not going to be modeling. I'm an athlete and a warrior. I can't imagine myself anywhere other than volleyball," he said in an interview with Kazakh television station. image source image source After more than three years since its appearance to the public, he has remained charming until now. But unfortunately, at the 2018 Asian Games Sabina was not included in the Kazakhstan women's volleyball team squad. image source image source This beautiful girl from Kazakhstan continues to attract the attention of social media users from various countries, including Indonesia. Despite being the center of attention, Sabina remained humble. image source She also responded to various questions from his new fans who wanted to know more about his life through social media, so it was revealed that Sabina was a Muslim who obeyed religious orders. She is a Muslim and carries out his obligations according to Islamic teachings. image source "My religion is Islam, I always hope in Allah," Sabina is a friendly and homely person. He never appeared Glamor. There is only one necklace he often uses. The necklace has a pendant with an Islamic symbol "star and crescent". image source image source The article about "Sabina Altynbekova | Most Beautiful Volleyball Players in the World", I quoted from various sources Thank you for visiting my blog

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