Volleyball / mens world championship

Poland and Brazil made it to the final like 4 years ago. The current formula needs changes.
Time for the final game at the men's volleyball world championships. The best teams will not only get medals, but they will also receive big money. In a few hours in the final, Poland will face Brazil. Source In the third stage Poles did great. They crashed 3:0 Serbs, and later without any major problems they won the first set against Italy, ensuring their promotion to the best four. Eventually, the team of Vital Heynen lost to the team Azzurrich 2:3, but still could enjoy the success. In the semifinals after the horrors, the defenders of the title defeated the USA (3:2). The game against Americans was hard, full of emotions and unexpected twists. Finally Poles won in the tie breaker 15:11.2 3rd Place The USA defeated Serbia 3: 1 (23:25, 25:17, 32:30, 25:19) in the third place in the volleyball world championship. Thus, the Americans have won the first medal at this event for 24 years. The final In the Sunday final Polish team will play with the representation of Brazil, which beat Serbia 3-0. In Turin, there will be a repeat of the final from four years ago - then, in Katowice, the Poles won 3:1. Who will win this time? Players will play not only for the gold medal, but also for big bonuses. If the representatives of Poland would defend the title they won four years ago, they would have gain additional 200,000 dollars. World runner-up will earn 125,000, and the third team will win 75,000. The bonuses can also be counted by players who will win individual prizes. The MVP of the tournament will receive a prize of 30,000 dollars, and each player with the so-called "Dream Teams" 10,000 each. And what about changes? The day before the semi-finals of the volleyball world championships, we have already knew three teams that will play in them. On Friday, however, four teams played, but in those two matches there was only one set that mattered and was played seriously. In the Brazil match with the USA, which had already been promoted, both coaches decided to use substitutes. In the clash between Poland and Italy, it was clear that one set won by Poles will end the competition for a place in the semi-final. That is why only the first set of this meeting, won high by our volleyball players, took place seriously. After it, the coach Vital Heynen took down all of his most important players from the field. The Poles finally lost 2: 3. The worst thing about all this was that the next four sets no longer had any rate. Unfortunately, the volleyball has lost again. Another absurdity is that Poland and Serbia have played twice in this world championship. What is more If Serbia would have won with Brazil, they could meet for the third time!! It does not make sense. The International Volleyball Federation should once again consider the more transparent rules of the tournament. The current formula of the tournament, that is three group stages before the semi-finals, was proposed by the organizers of the current championship. The idea was for the hosts to play as long as possible in the tournament. That is why the Bulgarians had a relatively easy group in the first phase, and the Italians favored, according to them, the draw of the third round. The formula of the World Cup needs to be changed. Even at the expense of the hosts not having preferences anymore. Now we have as many as three group stages with various complexities. It would be ideal to play the championships as it looks at the Olympic Games. First, the group stage and then the play-off system. The simpler the better, said Mirosław Przedpełski, a board member of FIVB.

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