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Volley, Sir Safety, Perugia vs Trento, Preview
imeage source Volley, Sir Safety, Perugia vs Trento, last years of previous and dangerous crossings A new volleyball weekend is approaching the PalaBarton! Three days that separate volleyball fans and Perugian fans from the big match of the third Superlega between Sir Safety Conad Perugia and Itas Trentino. Proceeds to explain the advance ticket sales from Tuesday and proceeds step by step the preparation of the Block Devils to the match. A match, despite the league has just begun, already a significant value (as in the end there are always direct clashes), a match that will mark for one of the two teams the first setback in Superlega, a match that Lorenzo Bernardi and his staff are preparing with care and meticulousness under the tactical profile and that De Cecco and his companions want to take home to avenge, sportingly speaking, the knockout in the semifinals of Supercoppa last October 6th. imeage source It was the last of the thirty direct comparisons played by the two companies in the last six seasons. The budget speaks in favor of Trento, which won seventeen victories against the thirteen of Perugia. Favore that Trento was built in the first three seasons of Perugia in the top flight when, in eleven direct matches, only two were the successes of the bianconeri. Then always great balance and great challenges in all competitions. With a curiosity: Perugia and Trento have never challenged in a final or in a final series that would award any title, while seven times have given birth to the Scudetto, Italian Cup or Italian Super Cup semi-finals Seven times the challenge ended at the tie break, among which the interminable ones of race 2 and race 3 of the Scudetto last semester, eleven occasions were needed four sets, twelve matches ended with a round 3-0, between where the last three played by the two teams (race 4 and game 5 of the Scudetto semifinals and the recent semifinals of the Italian Super Cup). In Superlega the field factor between Perugia and Trento has often been respected. The bianconeri (considering the league and playoff matches) won nine of the twelve matches played at Pian di Massiano (the last nine consecutive), the Gialloblù have brought home eleven out of thirteen when the two teams took to the field in the Trentino sports hall . Many also the intersections of players on the Trento-Perugia axis. Most evidently with travel to Umbria. Just think of Birarelli and Bari and then the various Della Lunga, Colaci, Lanza and Galassi who now wear the shirt of Sir. Reverse path that brought Russell in the summer in Trentino (where he found another former Perugia, Nicola Daldello) under the orders of coach Lorenzetti. In short, many are really the reasons of interest, technical and spectacular in the first place, the challenge Perugia-Trento that can not be a "normal game". On Sunday, the chapter thirty-one. TOMORROW AFTERNOON FILIPPO LANZA PROTAGONIST OF THE CONFERENCE PRESS PREPARTED PERUGIA-TRENTO It will be the Juventus hammer Filippo Lanza, the protagonist of the Perugia-Trento pre-press conference tomorrow afternoon at 4.00 pm at the PalaBarton conference room. The Block Devils hitter will answer questions from the press and the media about the moment in the Juventus club and on Sunday's big match against Itas Trentino, a match valid for the third day of Superlega

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