Exercise :

Exercise is one of the most important things that a person should practice as a part of his life. Some of us may consider exercise as something that is not important, fatiguing and causes exhaustion and this is not true. On the contrary, exercise helps to get rid of the tiredness and exhaustion that the body is exposed to.

Exercise generally helps the person to feel happy outcome and not nervous. Besides, it helps to prevent or eliminate diseases such as obesity. There are many sports that a person can practice with his or her own free will and among these sports we indicate running which is our article’s subject.

Running :

Running is one of the easiest sports that anyone can do. It can be practiced anytime without joining any sports club or buying sports equipment for running. It even can be practiced while you are carrying out your stuff or while visiting someone without using a vehicule or appoint a certain time to it. But, jogging is the common term to most people in our society.

The benefits of running :

It can be said that running is very important and it has positive effects on our body. It eliminates some diseases and here is some benefits of running on the human body :

Running is a treatment for people with breathing problems ; it helps the lungs to perform in a natural and proper manner ;

Running is a good way to prevent and eliminate obesity that bothers many people in our society. It also eliminates the body’s fat, as well as helping to remove the wrinkles that give the body an inappropriate view ;

The benefits of running are also reflected in the heart, as the safety of the heart is in the safety and regularity of the beats. Indeed, it regulates the heart rate which is important to the human body ;

It is like other sports that fight diseases and work to increase the body’s immunity in general , which makes the body strong and healthy.

Other benefits of running :

Running gives a person vitality, activity and reduce laziness ;

It helps to get rid of stress and anxiety ;

It makes the body drink large amounts of water ;

It gives the person a decent look and gives him good physical fitness.




This post was translated by me from Arabic to English.

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