Exercise is essential to ensure the health of the body no matter how old it may be; the young child must practice a sport that suits him until he grows up naturally, and the young man must practice it to maintain a harmonious, lean and strong body free from fat. It is also necessary to be practiced by the elderly to avoid diseases and symptoms of aging.

The lake of any type of sports activities will expose the person to multiple chronic diseases and lead to weight gain which is a major cause of several diseases, including The arteries occlusion which is the main cause of clots, hypertension and heart diseases. Neglecting exercise also lead to durable dullness and lasting mood swings which affect the individual’s daily life.

The mechanism of burning fat by doing exercises :

The human acquires sufficient energy for the day by food and this energy is measured by joule or calories. The body uses the oxygen it gets from the process of inhalation to burn food after eating it, thus it produces the energy used by the body in its daily activity, if the amount of energy increases more than what it needs in a day, this energy is converted into fat stored in the body to be used at a later time. If the energy gained is less than the required daily amount, the body will burn the body’s stored fats earlier to compensate for the energy it needs.

When the person exercises sports, it increases the need of energy or calories per day, so, the will burn the stored fats, but this only happens if the amount of food consumed and the energy produces equivalent to the required daily amount or less. There are two possibilities: either no result is achieved; this occurs when the amount of effort is equal to the amount of excess food, or the other possibility is to store energy in the form of fat in the body; when increasing the amount of food consumed from the effort. As a conclusion, if the person wanted to burn fat, he should reduce the daily consumption of food, or double the daily effort involved like sports or do both to get the best result.

It is a common mistake among those who exercise for weight loss not to exert enough effort during the exercise thinking that just moving their body parts for five minutes is enough to burn fat in their bodies and consume a few calories which are not enough to make the body burn fat. Some even reward themselves after exercising with fatty meals which will make it worse; they will add fuel to the fire and gain more weight.

The best time to practice sports :

If the sports are practiced in its right way and way, it will the ideal solution for burning fat and giving the body the ability to continue burning fat even after the completion of the exercise. Some studies have been established in this case the importance of starting sports at certain and well planned time to achieve the greatest benefit in the field of weight loss and burning fat, but many sportives are ignorant of the importance of choosing the right time for that which keeps them unable to burn fat and lose weight even with a fast and continuous training.

Early morning exercise :

It is preferred to start exercising immediately after waking up and before breakfast. The study published by Northumbria University confirms that people who start exercising in the morning and before breakfast burn 20% higher than those who exercise after, and their bodies did not desire for excessive amounts of food to compensate for the morning activity they underwent as it is not the case for the group that ate breakfast after exercise.

The study also stressed the need of drink fresh water or juices during exercise in order to avoid exposure to fainting or fatigue with taking in consideration the situation especially for people suffering from diabetes, they should consult a specialist physician.

Evening exercise :

The most preferable time to do exercise is in the evening when the muscles are in the best state of flexibility and the lungs are very active which increases the metabolism and individual assimilation, this increases body activity and its energy consumption and fat burning.

The body needs a period of rest after exercise to avoid insomnia or difficulty of sleep caused by the high rate of stress hormone during exercise which in turn is an important factor in the metabolism and burning fats.

Before eating exercise :

Exercise before eating reduces the appetite for food, which reduces the amount of food eating by the individual at each meal. The sport reduces the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion. In other words, sports before eating helps to raise the level of body energy and improve mood and humor and raises individual mental energies for the rest of the day.

This post was translated by me from Arabic to English.

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