A boy named Timofe Clay Walken can lift 100 kilograms at an age of 11 and wants to record 105 kilograms.

Russia: Although 11-year-olds are fond of education, video games and sports, Timofe Kleiken, a Russian boy of the same age, spends most of his time in the gym and is busy setting new weight records.

Timofey fell in love with weightlifting at the age of five. His father had built a small gymnasium in the village and he continued to lift weights.

Upon seeing his father, he also became fond of the art۔ And despite her mother's opposition, she began to gain weight at a young age. Its village is located at the foot of the Sheila Oral hills۔

At just six years of age, he weighed 55kg in one contest and surprised the attendees. Now at the age of 11, he has done 100kg of lifting, after which he is working hard to create a new record by lifting 105kg.

In the winter Asian Cup in 2019, Tomofe weighed 100 kilograms of barbell while weighing 38 kilograms himself.

He is also training his truck to pull truck tires and pull tractors. People are amazed at his hard work.

Interestingly, he also has the status of a hero in the entire village and is gaining more weight than the older ones. Even many weightlifters at the gym are nervous about seeing this baby۔

In addition to working hard in the gym three times a week, he is far from healthy and avoids nutrients affecting health.

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