Hello scorum community, this time I want to tell you about an anecdote of life, an incredible experience that changed my life for the better.

My name is Fernando Vallejo, I am from Sucre state, Venezuela, I am currently just 19 years old and the experience I want to tell you was two years ago, I was sitting in front of my computer when for some reason, which I do not remember very well , I have to get up and gave me a strong pain in the knees, a pain so strong that was able to knock me to the ground and sobbing in pain, I could not stop, after lying on the floor for almost 30 minutes, was when I gathered the forces and fought against the strong pain to be able to get up, after that my knees were hurting a few more days but the strong pain that I felt before, did not happen again.

A few days later, I feel the same strong pain, but this time not in the knees, but in the part of the pelvis, making me fall to the floor again, after a while I was still on the floor and I complained a lot about the pain As I could, I managed to get up and I looked for a pill to help relieve the pain.

In the next few hours, I noticed that the pains gave me more mild, but only when I had to get up from somewhere, I told my mother what happened and we turned to a doctor Traumatologist colleague of hers and he examined my legs, palpated them , squeezed, among other things and sent me to perform X-rays, said X-rays did not show anything out of the ordinary, the doctor was a little surprised of why my pains, in that, I prescribed some pills, including calcium and He recommended me to do therapy to cure those happy pains of mine

With the medicines in hand, I start my treatment, I must mention that it was very effective that treatment, but over time I noticed that my legs were getting a little flaccid, and I decided to do something to avoid it, I searched the internet for some sports that serve as therapy, and I appear "Weightlifting, lifting weights," I inquired a little more and discovered that this sport is practiced here in the state where I live, in a place called "Sports"

A sports center is a place that has several sports facilities that allow a variety of sports and exercises.

I went to that place with a strong conviction and desire to train, when I arrived I realized that there are many muscular and defined boys and I was a bit intimidated by being chubby, but that did not stop me, I spoke with the coach and I explained my case and agreed to train me, at first it cost me a lot to learn the technique and above all, the pain they gave me when trying to get up, but with the passage of time, and the pain almost did not give me, I got a partner, my confidence and my self-esteem, I managed to lift more weight every day, the workouts were arduous, to the point that when I finished the training, I almost could not even walk.

But I can certainly say that this sport changed my life.

Thank you to all for reading me.