Weightlifting is among the oldest and simplest sports of human endurance. As the name suggests, weightlifting is about how much weight an individual can lift. With lots of consciousness about physical fitness in the world today, training with weights is becoming popular. At times, the terms weight training exercise and weightlifting are used interchangeably. This is, in fact, incorrect as they're two entirely different disciplines. In weightlifting events, the participant who lifts the heaviest weight in accordance with the stipulated regulations and rules is announced the winner. Weight training exercise and on the other hand is continuous physical exercise done with weights.

Weightlifters have to cultivate different skills like endurance, power, determination, specific techniques and the like. Like any other sports, weightlifting enthusiasts put in several years of practice and comply with strict rules regarding diet and exercise. As a sport, weightlifting has been popular for hundreds of years and has been one of the prime means to label human strength and stamina. Historical records show the inclusion of weightlifting in the first Olympic games held in Greece, over 2000 years ago. In the 19th century, weightlifting used to be an audience-pleasing event at circuses and fairgrounds. Even the first example of the modern version of the Olympic games, the 1896 games, included the sport.

The first world championship for weightlifting was held in 1891. Nevertheless, weightlifting for females began only in the eighties and was included in the Olympic games in the year 2000. Initially, this sport is a straightforward one. All that entails is a non-slippery surface and the required weights. These weights are manufactured according to international standard specifications. Steel rockers with weights on each end are lifted by participants at events. These events are categorized in accordance with the weights to be lifted. Participants specialize in their very own category and train accordingly. The weights which are mounted on the steel barbells are given coloured rubber coatings.

Each colour represents a certain weight and is used accordingly. Weightlifting events have two main categories. One is referred to as the snatch, that involves only a clean movement over the head. The other category is the clean and jerk, that has two steps. First, the weight is held for a minute in front of the neck and after that, it's swept over the head. There are very different divisions within each category, depending upon the body mass of the participant. The International Weightlifting Federation, based in Budapest, is the controlling authority for this sport. Weight Lifting.

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