Back in the days, weightlifting, wrestling and fist fights were the favorite folk entertainment of the Russians. A holiday is not a holiday if there were no hunters on it to measure strength. To everyone, surprisingly, they showed such things that you would live for a hundred years, and not forget it.

Rolling up their sleeves, they lifted millstones, bags of grain and carts, unscrewed horseshoes, tied a poker into a knot. Having sat down under a horse, they shouldered it and carried it around for fun by the yard. They were joking: they tore off their neighbor’s hat and put it under the edge of a log cabin of an unfinished hut. Well, my dear, take it back!

And another fellow, having angry the ferocious bull, then grabbed him by the horns and poured him to the ground. Already, it seems, there is nowhere to go! But no. Burning up, the guy clapped with a hat on the ground, jumped out onto the road and, grabbing the wheel, stopped all three horses at full speed. Where, traveler, keep the path, in what land, where else can you find such a beautiful and powerful people?