Me at Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest hosts some Sports Celebs

For another 16 days Munich celebrates its 184th Beer Festival known as Oktoberfest and of course also Sports celebs are around mainly to make their sponsors happy. One is myself a Scorum celeb lol - but see who has been spotted this year already - my hero I see nearly every year Arnie - former Bodybuilding Champ, Actor, Governor and Austrian of heart known as Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is busting Wiesn with his son Patrick who celebrates his 25th Birthday.

Schwarzenegger Family (Source: )

I type this live via mobile so ignore some typos - they will stay as I am not editing hence it will seen maybe as not unique anymore then. I hope you forgive me that fun post I relate to Sports but honestly Arnold was a real World Champ - check him out as Mister Universe back in 1974:

Arnie 1974 (Source:

If you know that we drink 1 litres glasses here you might realize it is sport. These things are heavy and there is also a world record holder - coming from (no surprise) Bavaria / Germany.

The official World record in Maßkrugstemmen is 27 of them which add up to 62.1 kilogram.