This 90s classic was an attempt by Disney to breach the trying times of the LA Riots and overall race relations in the United States at the time. With Rodney King and a basic 'apartheid' in Los Angeles, a lot of the media attempted to mediate situations with more light hearted television and film based on race and how to deal with discriminiation. 

Cool Runnings is part Disney classic, and part 90s sitcom. There was a lot of competition within the market when 'CR' was released, films like ‘Lion King' and ‘Hocus Pocus’ ruled the box office in terms of both film release and VHS, so 'CR' was actually somewhat abandoned by most of the prevalent American audience. 

Apparently the film did much better internationally, and it makes complete sense. 

The film is about 4 Jamaican men who decide to become a bobsled team in an attempt to put their country on the map for the Olympics. 

There is a lot of seriousness in terms of National Pride and the status of immigrants and the freedom they are given in the US... this type of commentary may have been seen as too deep by some, but it provided a balance of motivation and sincerity among all the hilarity. 

John Candy is pretty brilliant as the quirky yet lovable Irv who has faith in the boys and remains their consistent source of motivation (although he puts on a grumpy demeanor for most of the film). 

The conflict between the members is frequent, but it becomes laughably slapstick at times and that is most likely why I love the film so much. 

The plot and ending are mostly straightforward as you can most likely imagine what happens, but there are hilarious moments in the boys learning bobsled, and having to deal with each other's trivialities throughout. 

Fast forward to 1:45 to see my favorite sequence in the film, quite funny and nostalgic. 

"Thanks Coach".


Have you seen this 'Disney Classic'? Do you love it as I do?