According to the list of the human rights center "Viasna", Nikita Domrachev was detained and taken to the police station on Okrestina Street. This is the brother of the 4-time Olympic champion in biathlon, awarded the highest award in Belarus - the title "Hero of Belarus" - Darya Domracheva, brother-in-law of 8-time Olympic biathlon champion Ole Einar Bjørndalen architect Nikita Domrachev.

4-time Olympic biathlon champion Daria Domracheva and 8-time Olympic biathlon champion Ole Einar Bjørndalen

The fact of Nikita's arrest to the TUT.BY portal was confirmed by the mother of Nikita and Darya Domracheva.

“He called his wife from someone else's phone and said that they were being taken to Akrestsin Street,” said my mother. She does not know any other details of the detention.

Nikita Domrachev

Daria Domracheva's brother Nikita told about his arrest:

- Yesterday I rode a bicycle along the bike path along the embankment in the Zybitskaya area to my mother. When I reached the bridge, I saw people in olive uniforms running at me screaming. I got scared, turned in the other direction, but from there, around the corner of the building, another crowd of security officers ran out, already in black.

They just knocked me off the bike and, without explaining anything, started beating me. Sparks fell from my eyes, blood ran down my head. I was scared for my bike - I have had it for 10 years and is very dear to me, I tried to break free to save it.

But they threw me into a minibus. There they threatened me, poked me with a truncheon. I couldn't see anything from the blows and blood on my face. At some point, I thought I was blind and asked to call an ambulance. However, I was told that they would not call her, the doctor would be at the police station. In addition, my hands were squeezed with handcuffs, they were numb, but at my requests to weaken the security forces they only laughed and insulted me. They rummaged in my personal belongings, wallet, but there was no symbolism there.

After some time, they threw me into another car and drove me around the city for about an hour, but they gave me a bandage to stop the bleeding.

I was brought to the police station with a group of other detainees. I had no shoes on, they were lost during the arrest. There they rewrote my data from the documents, photographed me, no one took evidence.

After some time, an ambulance arrived. At the same moment, they brought me a ready-made protocol with all the testimonies of the officers, but they didn’t give me a read, justifying it with the personal data of the security officials.

The protocol indicated that I participated in an unauthorized mass event. I felt very bad, had a bad headache, so I did not resist and signed it. The court should be in the court of the Frunzensky district of Minsk, I don't know the date.

The ambulance took me to the 3rd hospital, where after several hours of sitting in the general queue they put me in the ward.

The moment of the arrest and beating of Daria Domracheva's brother was captured on video.

Video №1:

Video №2:

Now the brother of 4-time Olympic biathlon champion Daria Domracheva, brother-in-law of 8-time Olympic biathlon champion Ole Einar Björndalen looks like this:

Recall that on August 12, Daria spoke on her Instagram about the protests and violence after the elections:

- I love the peaceful native Belarus! And just this! I ask everyone on whom it depends, everyone who gives orders, the leaders of the OMON (Riot police) detachments. Stop the violence. Do not allow this unfair horror to continue on the streets. Any conflict can be resolved peacefully. Any. Please hear.

She also published a post in which she addressed "both sides of the conflict."

- Situations on the streets cannot but worry ... I want to appeal to the inhabitants of our beautiful, beloved country, to the representatives of both sides of the conflict: respect each other, hear each other and calmly, in a civilized way, solve problems. Don't go to extremes, there are other, humane methods of problem solving. We all people. Let's stay human, - wrote “Hero of Belarus”.

Recall that yesterday the brother of 4-time Olympic champion in biathlon Daria Domracheva, son-in-law of 8-time Olympic champion in biathlon Ole Einar Björndalen was in the Center for Detention of Offenders (CIP) of the Internal Affairs Directorate of Minsk. Executive Committee on Okrestina Street in Minsk. This is the same institution, about the horrors of which many Belarusian and world media wrote.