Last year I visited Morocco for a short holiday. I was surprised to see that it was possible to ski in Morocco. Too bad I was there during the summer so I couldn't try it out myself. Here is a list of ski resorts in places where you don't expect them to be.

Oukaimeden - Morocco

Skiing and Morocco might not be the first thing that comes up in your mind but besides deserts and fantastic coastlines, Morocco also offers a unique winter sports experience. The ski resort Oukaimeden is located in the High Atlas Mountains at a whopping 3232m above sea level.

There are 10 km of slopes and 7 lifts available for skiing and snowboarding and the area lies at an altitude of 2,610 to 3,268 m. This resort is opened between the beginning of January and mid. March and there are some hotels and ski rental facilities nearby.

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Dizin Ski Resort - Iran

Skiing in the Middle East? Yes, it is possible! Iran offers a great skiing experience and is not all about sand. Dizin ski resort is the biggest of 21 ski resorts in Iran and is located 71 km. (43 miles) north of Tehran in the Alborz mountain range at Gajereh region.

Tehran City | Iran

In total there are 18 km of slopes and 18 lifts, the area lies at an altitude of 2500m to 3600m (8,200 ft -11,800 ft), skiing is possible from mid-December to mid-April

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Mount Olympus - Cyprus

Located in the Troódos mountain range in Cyprus and is very popular among hikers, nature lovers and tourists who are looking for authentic Cyprus. But did you know that besides all the beautiful monasteries, churches and traditional houses it's possible to ski in the winter months? Probably not. In total there are 4 km of slopes and 4 lifts, the area lies at an altitude of 1731 m to 1951 m. Skiing is possible usually from the beginning of January until the end of March.

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Etna - Sicily (Italy)

Skiing and snowboarding on an active vulcano is probably the last thing you think of, but it is possible. There are two ski areas on Mount Etna, named ski Etna north and Etna south. On these two sides, there is no lava flowing down.

Spectacular views (source)

Both ski resorts lie on the east coast of the Italian island of Sicily and are among the smallest resorts in Europe but at the same time the most spectacular. Etna North offers 4 km of slopes and 4 lifts while Etna South offers 10 km of slopes and 5 lifts with altitudes between 1910 m and 2604 m. Skiing is possible from late November until April.

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Turkey is a popular holiday destination for people who are looking for sun, sea and delicious food so You’ll probably be surprised to hear that Turkey is also a great winter sports destination. Turkey's 36 ski resorts are spread across the Black Sea Region to the Mediterranean, and from Cappadocia to Southeast Anatolia. Offering more than 270 km of slopes and 127 lifts

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Afriski - Lesotho

Afriski is one of only two ski resorts in southern Africa and is a 4.5-hour drive from Johannesburg. The resort offers 1.8 km of slopes and 2 ski lifts with an altitude of 3,030m to 3,222 m. Skiing is possible from early June until late August

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Mauna Kea - Hawaii

Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii, the land of sun, surfing and volcanoes. Oh, wait.... and winter sports! Yes, it is true. Sometimes in February and March, the Mauna Kea volcano receives enough snow to make skiing and snowboarding possible.

There are no lifts or official slopes so it's all off-piste here. Looks like a great experience to me to be able to ski here.

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