Some of us grew up thinking everything about wrestling is real. The kicks, punches, dramas and so on. We were so freaked about it that we could even call anyone who says everything is scripted an ass hole

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say that those punches are not painful or they don't sustain injuries for real. All im trying to say is that most of us were scammed with so many things in wrestling until we grew up as adults

I remember those days we used to watch The Undertaker disappear on the stage leaving everyone frightened only to see him walking into the stage from another direction. I remember how his opponent would bury him in a coffin and then the light goes off, only to see the Undertaker walking to the ring from the entrance stage

Can we also rememer how a wrestler was already at the verge of winning a match will mess up his chances by allowing himself to be distracted by the referee or a troll. Now as an adult we have grown to realize nobody can disappear in wrestling. We've now see that those side distractions that will make a wrestler who is already at the verge of winning end up losing is all scripted.

Those punches and smashes are not so real. They are just light punches but that doesn't mean they are not harmful

What do you guys think?

Now as an adult, how do you feel about wrestling?