Few people in wrestling are as polarizing David Arquette when it comes to celebrities entering the ring. Usually when a celebrity enters the squared circle they are there to bring some name power to the event, such as Mike Tyson and his series of appearances in WWE. Others get more involved such as Dennis Rodman and his time in WCW. WCW, what a wild ride that company was, wasn’t it? Another celebrity that entered the ring and got a little more involved was David Arquette. The difference is, Mr. Arquette was put in a position that few other celebrities were allowed to get close to. A shot at one of the belts of the promotion. Not just one, but the main belt, and he won.

Now, considering this was nearly 20 years ago, it may be a good idea to give a bit of backstory as to how this even even got off the ground.

If you are not aware, David Arquette is an actor, that is his bread and butter, with several fairly successful movies to his name and recurring roles on various television shows over the years.

Mr. Arquette was in a unique position. He is allegedly a fan of wrestling and was in position to accept a role that would allow him to combine his job with another interest. World Championship Wrestling was featured in a movie called Ready to Rumble which Arquette starred in. Ready to Rumble was released in 2000 and the marketing machine fired up providing the, now viewed as abysmal, idea of having Arquette actually “break the fourth wall” and enter the ring at a WCW event while on the road to promote the movie.

There are various stories about how and why Arquette became champion but the fact remains, it was not a high point for the company.

Arquette appeared one more time in wrestling at the end of December on an episode of World Wrestling Entertainment’s Monday Night Raw show.

Recently, Arquette appeared in another wrestling ring, this time taking things a little more seriously than in previous attempts.

Saturday, January 5<sup>th</sup>, 2019 - Clarksville Tennessee - Reportedly 1,500 wrestling fans were in attendance for Arquette’s tag team match, with mystery partner Tim Storm, at an NWA sanctioned event.

Prior to this event, Arquette made his initial re-debut in a wrestling ring for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CWFH) in 2018.

According to James Beard, referee/author/hell of a guy, Arquette is dedicated. Beard had this to say in a Facebook post earlier today “Is he there yet? No. But, he is most definitely making the effort and no matter how far he gets or what degree of skill he obtains, as an old school, serious professional, I can honestly attest to his respect for what we do and his desire to learn.”

Getting a rub like that from someone like James Beard is a hard thing to do. The man doesn’t give praise like that easily. While there is no video of the event, that I know of anyhow, it is still great to know that someone like Arquette is approaching this seriously and working on his own abilities and not just here for a paycheck.