In this coming up match, Cena will team up with Bobby Lashley as a comeback and will also face Kevin Owens as well as Elias on the October 6 at the Melbourne cricket ground in Australia.

The WWE champion John Cena has been running on a part-time basis with WWE ever since he made a decision to start up another career in Hollywood.

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John Cena on his twitter handle wrote about how ''nothing lasts forever'' he said: ''when doing something you love make sure to be present and enjoy it. that way if and when it ends you can look back with fond memories instead of regret.''

this post tends to be another inspirational quote which could get his fans motivated. he also added that '' so this is the part where I'm supposed to talk smack about Kevin Owens and Elias. I'm not gonna do that. he said;

I've had a clash with Kevin Owens before we've earned each other's respect. elias, any man who can stand and walk in the same sentence has got something figured out.

'' I just got some news for you, wrong place wrong time for everyone else in the world. on the WWE network, October 6th was going live in melbourne. that's the place and time you want to be.

''the WWE super show-down, my partner the unstoppable Bobby Lashley and you know very few minutes in my life have I been viewed as a secret weapon but I no longer have a target on my back, I've been in hiding, I've been quicker, faster and not only I'm secret weapon; I have a secret weapon; I have a secret weapon.''

the last televised match of Cena took place at the greatest royal rumble last April in Saudi Arabia where he defeated legendary rival Triple H.

And the former World Heavyweight Champion also performed at a live event show in Shanghai on September 1 and teamed up with Lashley as well as Finn Balor.