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Zion Shaver | Mind Over Matter
Zion is a high school wrestler who competes in the 106 pound division. [Image Source] What makes Zion different than other competitors is that he has no legs. The disabled student represents Masillon high school to the best of his ability in wrestling's lightest class. [Image Source] Shaver only makes around 88-90 pounds on the scales, but he must fight at 106 pounds as there are no lower weight classes or divisions. With legs I would imagine Shaver would be well over 200 pounds, and one can see from his upper body that he is undoubtedly one of the most built and strong teenagers on the planet. Zion means the world to his coaching staff and classmates, he is an utmost inspiration when facing bigger kids in the wrestling room... and really just getting through life. Zion's mind is so strong to trudge through the difficulties of life all the while taking on one of the most purely difficult sports on Earth. [Image Source] Zion's specialized training for arms and core involves the lifting of immense weights like sledgehammers and stone blocks. He does have a wheelchair for everyday life but he seems to enjoy being himself, and he is strong enough to carry himself with those massive arms of Atlas he possesses. This kid is motivation to those who have none, and he is an athlete to look out for. I wouldn't be surprised to see this teen turn into a decathlete or professional of some sport.. he is too talented and inhuman in his life strides. Zion is the future!