I know I kind of missed Batista, not Bootista. Alright, I will come to that part but first, let's talk about what happened on this week RAW and Smackdown 1000 episodes.

For me, RAW was kind of very usual with not many elements of surprises. The tempo for the show was linear. Most of the show revolves around the animosity between two stables which are The Shield and The Dogs of War (consists of Braun Strauman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre for those who don’t know). The crack in both teams is a pleasure to watch with Dean Ambrose and Braun Strauman that is seen as the root of the problem for both teams.

For Smackdown special 1000 episodes, it does not focus much on any rivalry, but it was more like walking down the memory lane with a blast from the past. We had the cornerstones of Smackdown for the past decades especially during Ruthless Aggression Era to appear notably Stephanie Mcmahon, Rey Mysterio, Batista, The Edge and The Undertaker which the screw up big time for the deadman. The show was very exciting in the beginning until towards the Evolution Reunion which is surprising as they were RAW legendary stable but I guess it’s more towards creating a rivalry between HHH and Batista. I was expecting The Rock, the founding father of Smackdown to make an appearance as the word ‘Smackdown’ itself originated from his promo but it did not happen.

You can watch my video below for the Full recap of this week WWE show.