Bratty, Beautiful and full of Bravado....Alexa Bliss! (WWE)

Alexa Bliss is one of the smallest wrestlers out there standing in at just 5ft. 1". Don't let the pint size princess fool you one bit though, as she had her athletic catapult to fame by competing in the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding competition. Soon after she was was snatched up by WWE NXT which grooms and trains future superstars in their headquarters in Orlando, Florida. She emerged like a fiery and formidable Tinkerbell on SmackDown to capture the Women's Championship two times. (That's a very big deal...especially given some of the size differences between herself and other competitors.)

WWE/ Alexa Bliss WWE Monday Night RAW Women's Champion before she lost the title to Ronda Rousey

After winning Women's SmackDown two times she moved on to the RAW brand in Spring of 2017 where she also dominated the arena and was able to simultaneously hold both RAW and SmackDown titles. In August of this year during SummerSlam, (August 19th to be exact), Ronda Rousey came in like a hurricane and continues to hold dominion in the Women's division along with Becky Lynch. Becky Lynch (The Champ) is currently the SmackDown Queen...for now

Her attitude that some find abrasive in all the right ways, I would like to showcase in the attached video. She is a great spokeswoman and can hype herself up better than most. Her stage/cage/RAGE persona has changed over the last couple of years. A staple for the WWE Franchise, she hopefully has many years left in the ring. The self-proclaimed "Goddess" has overcome some real life obstacles and injuries in the sport to remain standing loud and proud. Miss Bliss is a mix of ever changing wins and losses and shot calling like a boss. A Harley Quinn type or "Goddess"...You Decide! :)

YouTube/WWE "The Goddess" coming in oozing Confidence and Charisma

I hope you enjoyed my small tribute to this Phenom! If you would like to check out more of my musings then go ahead and check out a few of my other pieces.