Oh hello there, I am wiping Whippet fur off of the treadmill and just recouping from way too much avante garde exercise last night/this morning. My Scorfit initiative is in the works but life happens For those that follow any of my "Odes" to the badass ladies of WWE, I've been catching up on the catfights.

If there is one thing I love it's to see a redhead (cough I'm naturally one but have had my hair every color possible...taste the rainbow!)......So, I watched where Sasha Banks comes back in with Natalya and does literally one of the most brilliantly bizarre moves. She knocks her down only to reveal that her infamous purple locks are actually BLUE! Natalya's arm was extremely battered by the Red Headed Devil.... Becky Lynch!

Oh THE HUMANITY!!!!!!! Snoop Dogg's Cousin is Sasha Banks,,,,now where is Dr. Dre when you need him? / Youtube common license...........Bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay

Speaking of Great Vibes... https://scorum.com/en-us/cybersport/@battleaxe/shhhhhh-a-scr-giveaway

I will depositing on all positive comments a couple SCR LIQUID as soon as I get a chance later. Scorum lacks a middle class , I only see low payouts and very , very high payouts, that is not very biz savvy. Hopefully our Ecosystem can THRIVE with being moar inclusive. ;) Maybe with all these great initiatives going on, some besides myself can put something up for the new users... just a thought

Adios for now,