I hate to draw comparisons of Wrestling family royalty but a bit of a version of our "Charlotte Flair" here in the states emerged across the pond as the tour de force known simply as "Paige". Having been suffering from a first-world problem of writer's block for the last 2 weeks, I was happy to read that somehow I reminded both @mikey and @talesfrmthecrypt of this rebellious player in the WWE spotlight. She has been both a controversial and beloved staple in the franchise for what seems too short of a time as Hollywood seems to have perhaps picked a new crossover from the athletic world again. Gone Too Soon! From Wrestling that is...

Cheeky, Ambitious and can kick butt! (WWE) "The more Brits in WWE the better!"

Paige was born "Saraya-Jade Bevis" way back in the year 1992 and as a quintessential Millenial she embraced social media as a tool to capitalize on her own brand of British Swagger! She comes from a rather well known wrestling family where her mother, "Sweet Saraya" was/is a force to be reckoned with in her own right. Her father also was a professional wrestler who went by the name Ricky Knight. Some fun facts about her family is that her mother owns and operates the Bellatrix Female Warriors which is the women's division offshoot of the family run World Association of Wrestling based out of Great Britain.

Bring It! (WWE/WWE News)

Saraya Jade started off her wrestling career by debuting at the age of 13 in a promo run by her families (WAW) brand. With both parents and siblings in the fray of this lifestyle it seemed only natural that her destiny was to do her signature move , "The RamPaige".

Paige went on as a teen to do the Indie route in the Euro circuit before being signed in 2011 with WWE. She signed on for the Dev phase and training before becoming the youngest "DIVAS" champ at 21. The Senior and Jr. "Saraya's" would tag team and also face off against each other in what ultimately became a passing of a legacy within a family of wrestler's and entertainment. WWE later went to rebrand the FCW training and up and comers camp into the NXT brand that has been nothing short then legitimizing "cat fights" into full on stadium filling matches. In 2013, Paige went on to become the NXT Champ in 2013 after tackling and defeating the likes of superstars Natalya and Sasha Banks. (Formidable Opponents)

February 14th in the U.S.A. "Fighting with My Family" debuts in theaters. The inspiration behind the movie stems from the 2012 U.K.'s Documentary about the Knight family's wrestling lifestyle of the same name. This time around it's got some Hollywood heavy hitters like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, as a Producer!

Do you smell what Paige and The Rock are Cooking? ( YouTube)

Some breakdowns of the career of Paige in wrestling before her "retirement"...

She won the DIVAS championship two times

First time Women's winner of NXT division

She was touring and winning European Indie matches at the age of 14/15...she had a very unusual upbringing which is why her story was made into the upcoming big money movie

Paige has been playing spokeswoman and SmackDown Manager since her retirement in early 2018 and in December, WWE announced they will be moving her around from that post.

Her personal life has been dramatic with some scandal but she weathered it like the trooper that she is and the future in a few different arenas looks quite bright indeed.

Work Hard/Play Hard

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