There was no wrestler when I compiled the list of the top richest sport man in the world. Wrestling is actually a sporting activity and they get paid handsomely. You will be surprised when you find out what these wrestlers has acquired. The wrestlers that would have made the previous list are no longer active in the sport; they earn their money elsewhere. You will see some of them on this list. Since they got their fame and part of their wealth from wrestling, their name wasn’t exempted.

Let’s go through the list.


Most of these wrestlers are acting too. Probably because of their body structures, they are definitely needed to play some characters. Goldberg is an actor, a former football player and a wrestler. You wouldn’t want to be hit by his head. He has a residence in Bonsall. He own a Dodge challenger and a Shelby cobra worth $160,000. The American has lots of other cars too.


He’s one of the deadliest men in wrestling. He is famous for waking up in a coffin and he’s always with his hat. His real name is Mark William. Mark own a house in Texas. He has a Bentley continental, two Benz, a Cadillac and wide range of bikes. He’s always seen with his Western Club Chopper and the Harley Davidson Breakout worth $190,000.


Here comes the big man! His real name is Paul Wright. Cool name, right? What’s more cool is what he has. He own a house in Miami, Florida. He loves Maserati. The big man owns three of it. He also has a BMW, Chevrolet, Mercedes Benz and a Bentley.


If you love this sport, then you should know this American. He started as a football player and later got signed to WWE after many winnings in wrestling. He own a house in Maryfield, Canada, a Minniesota lake house and 43 acres of land in Minniesota. He has wide range of cars; a Cadillac Escalade, a custom chopper worth $25,000, two dodge vipers, ford cars and lots more.


He doesn’t need an introduction. He’s one of the popular professional wrestlers. The American is semi-retired though. He has a $9M worth residence in Florida and a Belleair mansion worth $8.87M. Hulk has lots of choppers and cars.


He’s known for using hammers in the fighting ring. He’s one of the successful wrestlers on earth. He has a residence in Weston, Connecticut. Three Benz, and the least is worth $120,000. Triple H also has a Toyota land cruiser and a Embraer Phenom 300. That’s not all! There are other cars too.


He’s one of the wrestlers that acts movies now. He’s also a television host and a rapper. John own a house in Tampa, Florida. Cars ranging from 1966 Dodga Hemi Charger worth $80,000, AMX AMC, Mercury Cougar, Ford Torino, AMC rebel machine and other race cars.


You guessed right! He didn’t acquire all of it from wrestling. He’s semi-retired too. Dwayne Johnson is also a very popular actor. He was featured in many movies and is one of the top paid artists. He has a mansion in Florida filled with lots of cars. You should find a GTA Spano, two Ferraris, two Lamborghinis, a Gurkha RPV, a Royce Royce and lots more.

The CEO of WWE would have made this list but he’s a sporadic wrestler. Vince McMahon is worth billions in dollars.

I hope you got one or two information from this list? Until we meet again.