WWE Championships are the biggest sports championship of entire sports entertainment. Many champions won this championship and also helped them to become a great superstar.

Last year, Jindar Mahal gave a slogan against WWE Championship Styles, and since then, Stiles has made the fans happy with their magnificent work. He has also defended his title against any racers and this makes him a good champion.

It has been almost 1 year for the title to win the title and as soon as it is moving, his title is becoming irrelevant. The reason for this is bad booking of WWE rather than styling. If this continues, then this title will lose its significance for 1 day. Let us know about 4 ways in which this title can be saved from being ruined.

4 A large pay-per-view headline can be made

There are also 4 large papers in WWE: Royal Rumble, WrestleMania SummerSlam and Survivor Series. So far, the Universal Championship is getting main event treatment from the company but this is not happening with WWE Championships.

The first Women's Royal Rumble match has this year's Royal Rumble Pe-on-View Main Event. After that Roman Rens fought his match at the main event of WrestleMania. Once again in SummerSlam, Roman Renaiss and Brock Lesnar were seen headlining the event and the Survivor Series has not yet happened.

Apart from this, there were big shows outside of the US this year and they are The Greatest Royal Rumble and the WWE Super Showdown. Once again the WWE Championship did not headline any of these shows. The fence is quite annoyed by seeing how WWE is booking its biggest championship.