WWE Superstar Bron Storman threatens The Drew McIntyre

After quite a while, Braon Storman got beaten up on TV. This week 6 main tag matches were booked in the Main Event of Raw, in which Shield was played against Storman, Drew and Dolph. Shield won the match, but Storman was beaten several times.

WWE superstar John Cena made another record

There is no doubt that John Cena is WWE's biggest superstar in history. Along with reaching WWE, he has earned a name in Hollywood. John Cena, who won the WWE title 16 times, has now made another record. According to WrestleZone, Sina has become a New York Times bestseller author.

WWE superstar Kevin Owens injured surgery

A match was played between Kevin Owens and Bobby Lashley in WWE Raw a few weeks ago. Lashley, playing the role of Babyface before the match, attacked the Kevin Owens while taking a heel turn. Bobby Lashley hit Kevin Owens' knee in the ring post, due to which Kevin Owens appeared to be faltering. After which it was said that they can be out of about 4 to 8 months. Now Owens has a history of injury.

WWE Superstar Randy Orton's shocking statement on Crown Jewel

The talk of canceling Crown Jewel on 2 November in Saudi Arabia is swiftly going on. Although WWE is engaged in preparing for the show. Recently, superstar Randy Orton has given his responses to Crown Zlave in an interview.

SmackDown 1000 comes from the return of Batista

This week was the historical 1000th episode of SmackDown, in which many veterans got reunion of the entry while Evolution and the Undertaker knocked. That's why SmackDown has got a huge advantage of 19.2%. This week, 2.545 million viewers were received compared to 2.135 million viewers last week.