A WWE main event without John Cena? I believe the WWE universe didn't see that coming and even the chairman was really surprised.

But what really happened, and can WWE sack John Cena for breach of contract?

Why John Cena Backed Out Of WWE Crown Jewel

It seems the main reason our dear John Cena refused to go to Saudi Arabia for the Crown Jewel event was because of his involvement with Hollywood.

It's believed that some close friends at Hollywood told him not to harm his current fame in the movie industry by partaking in the Saudi Arabia event following the controversy surrounding the death of US-journalist Jamal Khashoggi at Saudi Arabia consulate in Istanbul.

This many believe necessitated his decision to avoid the Crown Jewel event entirely.

WWE's Last Minute Change

WWE had no other choice than to change the script for the crown jewel by replacing John Cena with Bobby Lashley. The match which was supposed to be John Cena vs Seth Rollins, now became Bobby Lashley vs Seth Rollins.

How Will WWE React?

WWE enthusiasts have come out to say that result of such impromptu withdrawals was usually a sack by WWE.

While some are saying that a 'no-show' situation normally occurs after a WWE star has been fired, not before. So it's left to WWE to decide what they are going to do in this situation.

So, scorum readers what do you think is going to happen to John Cena in this situation?