Superstar Wrestler John Cena has prompted the WW ring to say goodbye. This decision by John Cena has caused great shock to those who want him. Recently, John Cena shared a message on Twitter. Looking forward to filling this message with his retirement.

In this tweet, John Cena wrote, "Nothing remains for ever. So take care of tomorrow regardless of tomorrow. It is better to recapture good memories than to regret the peeping at Atith. '

It is noteworthy that after the Christmas last year, 16-time world champion John Cena had said that once the shooting of his film is over, he is going to return to the ring once more.

John Cena was seen in the Royal Rumble for the last time in the ring of the WWF and he defeated Triple H in this match.

Earlier it was told that John Cena can return to the ring with a tag team match in Melbourne. In this match Bobby will be with him and this match will be against Kevin Owens and Elias.