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Smackdown has had a memorable run so far bringing stars such as The Rock, AJ Styles, and John Cena to the forefront of sports entertainment. After all the memories the show has created, Smackdown, now with "Live" in its title as it's no longer prerecorded, recently celebrated it's 1000 episode. This episode, however, may have given the audience a peek of what's to come.

The Return of the Mac!!!

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In the opening segment, featuring the returning Truth TV, we saw the return of RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon and the Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon. Though he's been M.I.A since announcing Paige as general manager, with Survivor Series a month away, we can expect to see more of him as both brands get ready to pick their teams for both men and women.

The USOs Are Back

We haven't seen much of the twins since the main focus of the tag division was on the fall of Rusev Day, and the title war between The New Day and The Bar. With their victory over AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan, after Bryan hit Styles accidentally, this can mean that they will be back in the title picture in the near future.

Chyna Future Hall of Famer?

If you haven't noticed during the opening video package, the inclusion of Chyna along with Eddie Guerrero can symbolize that they are finally acknowledging her contribution to the company. Chyna, whose real name is Joan Laurer, died last year of a drug overdose, the same cause as Guerrero. With Evolution weeks away, it's only right that they acknowledge the "Ninth wonder of the world" and add her to the 2019 HOF.

EVOLUTION vs The Shield Part II

With the reunion of Evolution on the 1000 episode and the rumor of Batista making his in-ring return down the road, it wouldn't be surprising that we see these two groups go at it again, that is if the shield doesn't implode by then. If you recall, the post-match with Evolution led to Seth Betraying his brothers in arms. Might be a case of Deja Vu with Dean Ambrose.

Batista vs. Triple H

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During the long segment with Batista reminiscing on the time the group had together, he was talking about the achievements of Randy Orton, Rick Flair, and Triple H. While on the subject on him, Batista said: "He's done everything in his career, except beat me."

This lead to a minor standoff between the two that ended with smiles disappearing from both of their faces. This match would be great for Royal Rumble 2019.

Becky Will Remain Heel... Despite Four Horsewomen Rumors

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During her segment with HOF, Edge, she said that she didn't like what she has become, she loved what she's become. She also said she idolizes him, but quickly told him to get out of her ring and "Careful hurting your neck again going through those ropes." Taking a jab at his injury that ended his career.

As WWE want to push the wrestlers vs MMA women, including Ronda Rousey, keeping the storyline of her being heel will make it more enjoyable to watch, especially if she betrays the horsewomen. The only thing she needs now is new theme music. You can't be a heel with babyface music.

Was there anything during the show you've noticed that will give a glimpse into the future? Leave your predictions in the comments below.

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