Last night's Smackdown Live seemed a bit altered, to say the least. If it did, it was because of last-minute decisions based on what happened the previous night on RAW.

As mentioned yesterday, Becky Lynch suffered not so much a broken nose but a concussion by a hard punch from Nia Jaxx during the invasion on Monday. Below is a fan video where you see Jaxx striking Lynch which caused her to bleed throughout the brawl.

Credit: PWU

As expected from the turnout, Lynch is not medically cleared to compete which means we're getting Wrestlemania early as Charlotte Flair will take her place this Sunday.

Another random change was Daniel Bryan winning the WWE title on last night's Smackdown.

But instead of the humble Bryan, we got a deranged, smiling, foot-to-face Bryan as he continues to attack AJ Styles after being handed the title.

This could be because this was supposed to be the title exchange from Crown Jewel but didn't happen because of Bryan and Cena's boycott of the event. This now means that Daniel Bryan will face Brock Lesner making it the beast vs. the goat.

Now the card is shaken up with Mandy Rose taking Charlotte's place in the women's 5 on 5 elimination match and Jeff Hardy securing his spot in the men's 5 on 5 now that Bryan's out.

With all that happened last night, no one really complained about how RAW didn't invade SD Live. Probably because in reality, the only match people cared about, Lynch and Rousey, is off meaning the invasion would've been lackluster.

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