Lets looks at instances where superstars save their opponents from getting injured or even death.

Number one the Undertaker saves the Big Show from an angle slam on a chair:

The invasion storyline was at its peak just days before the winner-takes-all match in 2001 Survivor Series when a Smackdown match turned into a free-for-all between team WWF and team angle. one of the high points in the brawl could have turned out to be a painful one when kurt angal the wrestling's Olympic hero picked the big show up for an Olympic slam unaware that there was a steel chair waiting for the Big Show to crash down on - thankfully the Undertaker was present there and he surreptitiously positioned the chair out of the way sliding it out of the ring with the leg even though he was laid out in the ring no wonder he's known as the Phenom.

Number two Fandango saves cody:

On raw Fandango and Cody Rhodes two talented superstars who locked up in 2013 during an episode of Raw in a match where Cody could have been seriously injured . Cody was going for the moonsault on Fandango but his opponent was too far away. Cody hit the moonsault too quickly or Fandango was out of place is irrelevant as the important thing is Fandango dashed towards Cody who managed to catch him enough to prevent an injury.

Number three Ryback saves kalisto at payback 2016 :

Ryback saved Callisto from taking a bad bump at 2016 s payback pay-per-view pre-show during the bout kalisto went for a springboard corkscrew plancha with Ryback. outside the ring kalisto didn't give himself enough root to perform the move properly and he could fell headfirst but that didn't happen though because Ryback was there catching kalisto and keeping him safe.

Number four Roman reigns saved Seth Rollins:

In November 2015 when seth destroyed his knee with a Miss Time sunset flip powerbomb on came after a lengthy rehabilitation Rollins returned to battle Roman reigns at 2016 s money in the bank pay-per-view during the bout Rollins incredibly tempted fate when he went for a sunset flip powerbomb on Roman. No doubt roman wanting to prevent Rollins from hurting himself again after a long time off . Roman held on tightly to Seth to make sure the move went perfectly and then Rollins defeated Roman for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in that match.

Number five Chris Jericho saves Jeff Hardy on Smackdown in 2009:

Chris Jericho is a wrestling machine with years of experience under his belt and an incredible instinct that allows him to improvise on the fly a skill that separates the good ones from the great. this was seen during a 2009 episode of SmackDown when Jericho battled Jeff Hardy things seem to be going fine but eventually Jeff went for a whisper in the wind and apparently landed wrong in the corner looking like he was gonna fall off the turnbuckle and land on his head it was never a good thing in wrestling but fortunately for Hardy Jericho had the presence of mind and he raced towards Jeff so that he can hit him. He'd prevented Jeff from carrying out his move and catching the extreme one so he didn't wipe himself out.