Growing up as a kid I believed that wrestling was real,even when I heard the adult arguing that wrestling is fake in my heart I just keep wondering why they think so. But is wrestling really fake?

They are 3 categories of fans

1 kids and newly introduced fans believe everything about wrestling is real.

2 People that believe everything in wrestling is completely fake.

3 Matured Fans that know it's scripted but still watch and appreciate it for it's storyline and performances.

Scripted meaning everything that happened in wrestling is already written on a paper and acted on it. The owner of the company Vince McMahon decides who wins and who loses in the ring,and since it's an entertainment company that does business, winners are usually chosen by the way they show their skills and entertain the fans, the more you perform on stage and loved by fans, the more you are likely to be a top star. That's why wrestlers like John Cena,The Undertaker, Roman Reigns hardly loses a match.

Even though wrestling is staged and meant to entertain fans doesn't mean it's completely fake.

Wrestlers go true pain, falling on those announcement tables, hit with a steel chair, accidental bleedings and injuries which can end a wrestlers career or sidelined him for months. A clear example is a wrestler named Edge ,he was forced to retire from wrestling due to his neck injury.

There is also blading ,a term in entertainment wrestling where a wrestler cuts himself to make it look like he's bleeding. Unlike in movies where actors uses substances or special effects to make it seem he is bleeding,blading is used by wrestlers to make it look real to fans,but even that involves high risks.

Wrestling is not real as we know but it's still not fair to call it fake cause they are many real events that happens in the ring just to entertain fans.