Nicky Bela recently gave an interview, in which with the WWE superstar John Cena, has come up with a big deal about their relationship at the present time. Nicky told that he has not had any conversation with John Cena recently. There is no contact between the two.

At the same time, Nicky's sister Brie Bella told that Nicky wants to move forward on her own, and for this she is engaged in hard work. Let WWE superstars Nicky Bela and John Cena have been in relationship since 2012, and in last year's WrestleMania 33, both of them got engaged.

Popular pro-wrestling couples were supposed to marry on May 5, 2018. However, both John and Nicky publicly made their statements public before the date fixed for marriage and revealed that this marriage would not be. Nicky and Sina separated their way as a pair, but got information that despite the break-up, they both remained in touch with each other.

In the past few weeks, professional wrestling and reality TVs warming the rumors said that Nicky and John are in touch with each other and sister of Wrestler Woman Bree has confirmed that Nikki most meets John. However, in an interview recently, Nicky said that he does not have a conversation with John Cena and they are not in contact. Nicky said, 'John is doing his job and I myself.'

He further said, 'I thought I could live without them. I think it's happy and will be completely happy when my wishes are fulfilled. ' Nicky's sister said that Nicky is still engaged in the search for herself. Nonetheless, Nicky Bella may soon be seen fighting in the WWE ring.